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From Darkroom to Lightroom: A practical exploration of the photographic process from black and white 35mm film processing and darkroom printing to digital image making and editing.

What the course will cover:
The same studio objects will be photographed on 35mm black and white film and with a digital camera and edited as black and white images for comparison

The cost includes the use of the dark room.

Resources needed:
* Own digital camera / phone.
* A 35mm film camera if available but not essential as one will be available to share.
* Tripod (not essential).
Course Type: Recreational
Duration: Monday 7th October 2024 - Monday 2nd December 2024
Fee: £103.00 
Payable Now: £103.00 
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Start Date: Monday 7th October 2024