Maths GCSE
This one-year course prepares students for the GCSE examination at Foundation Level, grades 1 to 5. This is the standard GCSE Maths, which many jobs require at grade 5.

Assessment is by 3 examinations in May/June. Students may opt to take the Higher tier examination but will need to complete extra independent work on Higher topics outside of the classroom as the 1 to 5 topics are the main focus.

The course covers topics such as number work, algebra, shape, space and measure, and data handling. At the beginning of the course, you will need a scientific calculator and you will be required to buy the recommended course materials. Internet access is required to complete homework tasks. Mock assessment tests will be given during the year to assess your progress.

The course will be funded if you have not achieved a C/4 in GCSE Maths prior to starting. You will be required to sign a declaration if you have not passed this previously.

There is a £5 College Facilities Fee which is non-refundable, This will allow you access to the Learning Resources Centre and also contributes towards costs of your course that are not funded.

Course Type: Employment
Duration: 1 Year
Fee: £811.00 / Funded if you have not passed GCSE Mathemathics with a C/4 or above.
Payable Now: £5.00 College Facilities Fee
Time: 18:30 - 20:30
Start Date: Monday 11th September 2023