Magic For Beginners (April)

Magic for beginners.

Each session will give you opportunities for:

Achieving new skills to learn and share some amazing magic tricks.
Becoming confident to perform stage and close-up magic.
Rehearsal time to practice each trick to public performance standard.
Awareness of angles that need to be concealed from your audience.
Card tricks and other magic with incredible illusions.
Advice on creating a character and persona that suits your own personality.
Dazzling your friends and family with breath-taking hocus-pocus.
Assistance with being able to reset a trick quickly and discreetly.
Bamboozling your spectators to get a “Wow! How?” response.
Realising a skill to entertain people of all ages and cultures.
Applying your new skills to entertain an invited audience in an end-of-course show.

And Hey Presto - you may become a magician.
Please bring a pack of cards and of course, if you know any tricks, and want to share as part of the class, you would be welcome.

Course Type: Recreational
Duration: 8 Weeks
Fee: £85.00 
Payable Now: £0.00 
Time: 18:30-20:30
Start Date: Mon 26 Apr 2021