Life Drawing
Life drawing and figure drawing present a fun and interesting way to learn the basics of drawing and Anatomy.

This class will provide a gentle introduction to the process and techniques involved with observing the human form. Led by an experienced local artist, you will be gently guided through the drawing process, developing and honing your drawing skills, and learning the most effective techniques for creating a convincing interpretation of the figure.

Throughout the process, students can explore and develop their unique style. This course will alternate between life drawing and figure drawing.

For 4 weeks of this course, students will work from a nude life-model. Working with both male and female life models, you will have the opportunity to study perspective, proportion, and tone and mark making across different media.

On alternate weeks, students will practice figure drawing, both in the college and out and about on site. Students will be encouraged to draw each other in-situ and in relation to objects and their surroundings. These sessions will be sociable and relaxed while developing students’ sketching abilities and increasing students’ understanding of how we draw people in groups and in relation to their environment.

Life drawing and figure drawing are a brilliant work out for the brain. The act of drawing can also be highly meditative and immersive. All classes will be relaxed and friendly, and everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

What the course will cover:
Each week will encompass a different theme, devised between the tutor and the interests of the particular student body each term.

Resources needed:
* Pad of drawing paper (A3 in size)
* Pencil and any other drawing materials of choice (i.e. charcoal, pen, pastels etc.)

Course Type: Recreational
Duration: 8 weeks
Fee: £100.00 
Payable Now: £100.00 
Time: 18:00pm - 20:00pm
Start Date: Tuesday 23rd January 2024