Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools

LEVEL 2 (30 credits)

This qualification is for anyone who directly supports the teaching and learning of pupils. This course focuses on understanding, supporting, safeguarding and developing children and young people, together with optional units covering specialism such as supporting literacy and numeracy development, supporting a curriculum area, behaviour support, special educational needs, bilingual support, examination invigilation, working with parents and/or team leadership. On successful completion, you will be able to work in a role that includes specialist support for pupils in primary, secondary or specialist schools.

Work placement

In order to successfully complete a Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools you are required to complete a compulsory work placement. The work placement can be paid or voluntary and each learner is responsible for arranging their own placement. It is recommended that you complete

1 day a week of work placement. A confirmation of hours worked will be required before enrolment.

Assessment and support

You will receive assessor support sessions over the duration of the course, where you will be given guidance on the knowledge based work that needs to be produced for your portfolio. Your assigned assessor will also be visiting you within the workplace for assessment, giving guidance and feedback on practice and contributing to the evidence needed to complete the qualification.

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An Advanced learner loan may be available to cover course fees.

Course Type: Employment
Duration: 1 Year, 1 evening a week
Fee: £1,050.00 
Payable Now: £1,050.00 
Start Date: Mon 16 Sep 2019